Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back In Action

Whew. It’s been quite awhile since I last posted in here. These last 2 weeks I’ve been lettering like a madman. Which is great, can’t complain when you have work, but boy, it really throws a wrench in my other work. Hopefully next week I’ll really get down to business. The NY Con is approaching fast.

I did manage to get to the comic shop last weekend. It’s been so long since I’d been there that it was shut down! Newspaper covering the windows, gate pulled down… just flat out abandoned. Thing is, it didn’t surprise me at all. That comic shop was a dump. It was the kind of shop that gives comics a bad name. Messy, dirty, unorganized, a cranky co-owner behind the counter who wasn’t too keen on personal hygiene, and don’t forget his mother sitting in the middle of the shop (right next to the 50 cent bins) eating anything she could get her mitts on, spilling ketchup and other assorted condiments all over the wares. Awful shop.

Lucky for me there’s another really nice shop nearby. I picked up All Star Batman and Robin #3. Which I really like, I know it’s the cool thing online for fanboys to bash Miller, but the guy is amazing in my opinion. Nothing cracks me up more than some fanboy on a message board with a Serenity username talking about how Frank Miller, the guy behind Batman: Year One and Dark Night Returns, can’t write Batman.

Anyway, I also picked up Sgt. Rock The Prophecy by Joe Kubert. A flat-out amazing book. If you haven’t picked it up, do yourself a favor and do so. If I have a “Pick of the week” this book is it.

I also picked up Jim Mahfood’s “Adventures of One Page Filler Man” As usual its amazing work from Mahfood.

I’ll be heading out to the comic shop tonight to meet up with my good buddy C.B. Cebulski, whose book: Mangaverse, I just lettered. It’s a real fun book with great art and great lettering. : ) It’s on the shelves now, so show C.B. some support and pick it up this week.

Don’t forget about the new NYComix over at Pixelstrips, and stay tuned, things should be heating up here as the Con approaches.


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