Friday, April 13, 2007

All Star Superman

When All Star Superman came out, I had my doubts. Morrison is one of those writers that is just hit or miss with me. He starts off strong and just fades away before the finish line. So going into All Star there was some trepidation mixed with hope. Hope that there would be a Superman comic that I would actually love to read. With the release of the 7 issue I’m forced to gush over this book. Maybe it’s because my beloved “The Goon” (Eric Powell) is on a hiatus but I actually read All Star 2 times in a row in one sitting. Issue 7 is a 2-Part Bizzarro storyline with an amazing cliffhanger backing up a fun, action packed storyline that made me laugh-out-loud and just enjoy a good old-fashioned superhero story starring the original superhero. It’s worth mentioning that this 2-part storyline is as long a “storyline” as you’ll find in this series. If memory serves me right, this is the first multiple part storyline of the book. Check out Morrison’s 1 page, 4-panel, 8-word retelling of Supes origin. There’s no “Decompressed” storytelling going on here.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Even if you’re one of those readers who isn’t a huge fan of Grant Morrison the incredible art by Frank Quitely is worth the cover price. (The colors by Jamie Grant are amazing by the way.) The hardcover of the first 6 issues just came out so you can grab the whole run in one trip to the shop.

So I hope you enjoyed my gushing.

Gent signing off.


p.s. Go read Randall over at Pixelstrips.


Jared said...

I read the first issue and it was so bad I gave it away. I refuse to believe it's gotten any better. GM stories never get better. They just get worse. You're messin' with my mind.

RandyG said...

I totally hear ya, I'm just waiting for this thing to crumble but he's hanging in there so far. Go pick up issue 7 and tell me what you think. You're only getting like 2 books a week anyway.


Jacob Chabot said...

I like this book a LOT. Morrison is doing a lot of 1 issue stories, so it's a lot harder for him to screw up the endings. He's got Superman doing cool stuff like super science and fighting monsters and robots. He's made Jimmy Olsen an adventure hopping maniac. Granted, he's basically just painting a Superman mythos pastiche, and there's probably no way he could keep this up in anything other than a limited run, but it's good stuff. It's way better than any other Superman comics that have come out in the past 10 years, even if that's not saying much. Oh, and Quitely's kicking it on the art front too!

RandyG said...

See, Jared? 2 ol' Bullpen mates givin' this one the thumbs up. And keeping Morrison on short runs should a rule for him from here on out.

Hurry up and read it already.