Thursday, March 02, 2006

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I’m 2 weeks late on my Pixelstrips page. Between the convention and the lettering workload, I barely have time to post this… but I want to update this Blog more often. Maybe a Monday/Wednesday/Friday deal. We’ll see.

I posted over at my Pixelstrips forum that I’d be late with the new page, and what do I see when I go to the front page? NYComix making its first appearance in the Top 5. Figures, when I finally break the Top 5, I don’t have a new page up for folks to read. So I’ll be up tonight drawing so hopefully I can get the new page up before the weekend is over.

Thanks to those who went over there to see the new page and I apologize for being late. I’ll be back on regular schedule soon.


At the Convention last weekend, I picked up a few Trade Paperbacks for 40% off. As well as a comic by on of my favorite creators, Jim Mahfood.

STUPID COMICS #3 by Jim Mahfood (Image)
Anything by Jim Mahfood I’ll check out. He’s one of the most innovative and amazing creators working in comics today. Stupid comics #3 is a collection of short stories dealing with mostly with the 2004 Presidential Election. They’re hilarious and scary at the same time. Just like the election, actually. If you get a shot, pick it up.

JEW GANGSTER by Joe Kubert (iBooks Graphic Novels)
This little hardcover graphic novel by Joe Kubert is one of the best comic reads I’ve had in a long time. As to be expected, Kubert’s art is incredible, he’s on of the all-time greats in the history of comics and even at his age he’s still making incredible work. What really stands out about his art to me is his storytelling. He’s a master and I wish some of the up-and-coming artists would check this book out. He doesn’t rely on fancy panel layout or even heavy, (often overbearing) Photoshop coloring. He just tells a good story, period. With all the coloring effects and easy to spot movie star photo reference around comics these days, it’s nice to see how it was done, and how it should be done.

JINX by Brian Michael Bendis (Image)
I’ve ready plenty of Bendis Marvel stuff and I’ve always been a big fan of his writing. JINX was my first introduction to his art, which surprised me as not being that bad. He’s using a lot of photo reference, but at least it’s not Ben Affleck shots swiped from Google. You can tell Bendis is trying to push the envelope of comic storytelling and JINX was a good read. Made me want to read some more of his earlier work.

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