Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random Musings


There is probably thousands of Oscar blogs out here on the intraweb, but get ready for the LazyComix version. I didn’t see any of the Best Picture nominees, hell, I didn’t see damn near every movie nominated. So Brokeback Mountain, Crash, whatever…. When they hit Netflix, I’ll check them out.

What I did see was Revenge of the Sith…. Which was nominated for best makeup and lost. It was not, however, nominated for Visual Effects. Now, I’m not saying it should’ve won, because there are a few movies that should’ve won and Oscar and haven’t. Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese all haven’t won and Oscar… go find me 3 filmmakers who’ve influenced movies more than those three. Meanwhile Kevin Costner has a Best Director statue in his house.

Anyway, I’m just trying to figure out how Sith didn’t even manage a nomination? Sure it had more effects than the other flicks, but volume alone shouldn’t warrant a nomination. But maybe high quality on top of volume should? Love or hate the prequels, your distaste with the acting/story/whatever, has nothing to do with the quality of work the guys at ILM put into that movie. Before it’s all said and done, the techniques used on the Prequels is going to change the way Special Effects are used in the future. Digital Stuntmen, Digital Head replacement that allowed an 84 year old Christopher Lee to fight guys 50 years younger than him, General Grevious was one of the most amazing and technically complex CGI characters ever put on screen. The Clone Troopers were built without the use of a 3-D Model scan. How about using a Digital Camera to make the SFX artist’s job easier? The guys at ILM were doing digital work on the movie hours (and sometimes less) after the scene was shot. With a film camera you’re waiting for the film to be processed and then scanned into a computer. You’re also getting some of the best picture quality on the screen. Do these things contribute to an Academy Awards voter’s consideration? I have no idea. Yeah, I’m biased, but a nomination? That’s all I’m saying.


I’ve succumbed to the coolness that is Hardcover comic books. I’ve never bought one before, but yesterday I picked up the Powers Volume One HC Edition and wow. What a cool volume. I’ve only read Powers after it moved to Marvel and frankly, I’m not completely in love with the book. It’s well written and Oeming’s art is great, but I always feel like I’ve missed out on something when I read it. But I’ve stuck with it. A bit part of that is the fact that it has the best Letters Page in comics. Which is a lost art form. Gotta make room for ads, right?

Anyway, I sat down and read the first 2 issues of the book and it’s amazing. Some of the best reading I’ve had in a long, long time. I’ve heard nothing but praise for the “Who Killed Retro Girl” storyline, and so far I see what they mean.

When I finish up, I’ll give another long-winded review.


Pixelstrips is back on track, folks, I’m 99% sure I’ll hit tomorrow’s deadline.

Thanks for reading.

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