Friday, September 29, 2006

King Kong

Keeping with the review theme, I just saw Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Yeah, this movie was released forever ago, but whatever…

For some reason I was a bit weary with this flick when it was released… While I loved the Lord of the Rings movies, I always thought they were a bit too long, but after a while, I gave that a pass due to the huge amount of material they had to cover. When I found out that King Kong was over 3 hours… I couldn’t see how they managed to stretch 3 hours out of a movie about a giant monkey. I mean…find the monkey, monkey falls in love, tragic act 3, The End.

But holy cow was this a great flick. Sure they probably could’ve trimmed 20-30 minutes off this thing without batting an eye… the sub plot with the kid from “Nicolas Nickelby” was pretty much useless and Jack Black outrunning anything, especially a raptor, is about as unbelievable as it gets, but by the end of the movie I could care less. From the crazy good Kong vs. T-Rex scenes to the end, I was seriously hooked.

I wish I didn’t take a pass on this when it was in theaters and if any of you haven’t seen it yet… the weekend is as good as any for a flick like King Kong.



DGM said...

Dude if you try to get into believable, a fantasy of that nature is ruined. So what if Jack Black couldn't outrun a therapod (I hate the term raptor, since it's a Jurrassic Park popularized term). Biological history has shown that enclosed environments show evolutionary trends toward shrinking, not extreme size, but who cares.

The move was done very well and I was not concerned with the length. I liked the sub plot as I watched, but like you, questioned it afterward, mainly because I felt like it ended up being a dead end and those are good only in suspense.

RandyG said...

Therapod? Alright, you're a muuuuuuch bigger dinosaur buff than I am.

Speaking of Jurassic Park, that movie is like over 10 years old now and the CG in that flick still holds up. There were a few places in Kong that the CG didn't mix well when an actor was in shot. Shadows were off, and it was really blue screen looking. I'm talking mainly of the shots during the dinosaur chase. You'd think that by now, Jurrasic Park would be rather dated looking, but it's still some of the best work ever.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even make it through King Kong. I thought it was dull and pointless and turned it off. But then again I'm not a fan of Cobra either.

RandyG said...

I had a tough time getting into it as well... in typical Peter Jackson fashion, it took forever to get off the ground. But when it did, I loved it. When it hits TV give it another shot, the T-Rex fight was fun as hell.

I grade Cobra on what I like to call the "Stallone Scale".

At the Top you've got Rocky.

After that you’ve got:

Rocky 2-4 all solid.
First Blood kicks all kinds of ass. Great flick.
Not necessarily a Stallone flick, but Copland is a good movie with a great cast.

After you’ve got enjoyable crap:
Cobra, Over the Top, Tango and Cash, Lock up, (a solid jail movie) Cliffhanger, Daylight and I’ll throw Rocky 5 in here as well.

Then it’ll garbage Stallone time… Stop or my Mom will Shoot, Judge Dred, Demolition Man… just awful… even a hard core Stallone aficionado won’t watch this stuff.