Friday, November 03, 2006

LazyComix Newsletter

If you checked out the CGS interview you heard us talk about the World of Webcomix and the problems that lie within. On one hand it’s a great thing that enables anyone to make a comic and put it in a place where it can be seen by anyone in the world. On the other hand, once you put it online there’s absolutely no guarantee that anyone in the world will see it. So therein lies the problem.

I guess people in suits call this “marketing”, but being that I’m a guy who literally spends his workdays in sweats, slippers and a robe (but only if it’s cold), marketing isn’t exactly my forte. Nevertheless, if I’m going to make these comix, someone is going to read them.

I wish I could say I don’t care if anyone reads them, but I’d be lying. Hell, how many Indy creators forget their black and white self-published books the second one of the Big 2 come asking them to do an X or Bat Book? I love getting feedback, positive or negative. One of the best parts of my time at Pratt was “Crit Day”… a day when the whole class pinned their Illustrations on the wall and gathered around to praise and sometimes, rip each others work apart. It was nerve wrecking, but impossible not to learn something.

So, back to my ingenious marketing scheme, I’ve added the option allowing people who visit the site to join the “LazyComix Newsletter”… (I know I’m a regular Steve Jobs.) But I think it could solve the problem of me not really having a schedule for getting my comix on the site. It’s hard enough to get people coming back when there are new strips updated daily, so I’m hoping people will check out the comix, join the Newsletter and then whenever I post a new comic, I’ll shoot out the link in the Newsletter and get them to come back.

So head on over and join! It’s right on the homepage, quick and painless.

Thanks for checkin’ out the site.

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