Monday, November 06, 2006

More Love for 70's Movies

Ereisa and I went to see “The Departed” last week. But the theater was packed and our only option was sitting up-close, which sucks so bad that we actually walked out during the previews. We’ll be going this weekend but it’s killing me that I haven’t seen it yet. With so many crappy movies you have to take advantage of a Scorsese flick when it comes out.

Anyway, on the way out I checked out the posters for the upcoming movies. The one that caught my eye for Rocky 6… it was a throwback to the original Rocky poster from the 70’s and it looked awesome. It really stuck out to the point that it looked like it didn’t belong.

But there’s a simplicity in the design of the posters from the past that today’s Photoshoped monstrosities just don’t have. It’s more about the actors faces than the movie itself. Yeah I sound like an old cranky bastard but take a look at this quick li’l 70’s movie poster collage I threw together and tell me they don’t look better than the crap you see now?

Stay tuned for Randall Month Week 2 and thanks for reading.

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