Monday, January 08, 2007

Big News and a Plug

Rocky Balboa

If you’re a regular reader of this Blog you might remember a few posts about my favorite Sylvester Stallone movies and especially the Rocky Franchise. While I loved Rocky 2-4 and like most fans, didn’t enjoy the 5th one very much at all, the original Oscar-winning Rocky flick is one of the most enjoyable and inspiring flicks ever made.

I was finally able to get out this past weekend to see the sixth and final film: Rocky Balboa. Naturally, I was a little hesitant after the debacle that was Rocky V, but after reading a few Stallone interviews as well as the subsequent reviews, I was excited to hear that this one was getting back to what made the first 2 films so great.

Rocky Balboa was old-school Rocky. Moving, funny, inspiring and just a well-written love letter to Rocky fans. If you’re one of those guys who watch the old movies every time you pass them on TV, you’ll love the references and throwbacks to old characters and settings. Stallone created one of the greatest characters in the history of film and I can’t recommend this movie enough. If you loved the original Rocky and hated every sequel, you’ll love this flick.

Go check it out!

In other news related to LazyComix I’ve got a few announcements that I think are pretty exciting.

I’m going to do my best to spread the LazyComix word this year and to do that I’m going to have to get the word out in as many different ways as possible.

First up is the aforementioned “LazyComix Conversations”.

I’ve always envisioned to be a place where comic fans can come by and read not only my webcomix but also get some comix reviews, plugs and just any and all comic jazz I think fans like myself, might enjoy.

“LazyComix Conversations” is the first step in that direction. Plain and simply it’s going to be a monthly (maybe even bi-monthly) Creator Interview segment. The inaugural segment is already set-up and I couldn’t be happier with the first guest. Stay tuned, folks!

Second up is that Randall will now be published on my former online publisher, PixelStrips. The site was once a subscription pay-site but now it’s an all-free service with the #1 strip getting about 8000 hits per month. I’m really excited about it as now I’ll have Randall and NYComix rolling on 2 sites with reader potential much higher than if I only ran the comic on my site. I’m going to kick-off the Pixelstrip run with the “Randall Month” run but with an added page “Special Edition” style. After that, staring with Chapter 2, you’ll be able to catch a new page weekly or, if you’d rather wait for the strip in one complete chunk, (“waiting for the trade”) you can catch that on

So stay tuned and thanks for reading… things are about to get a li’l more interesting around here!


Brandon B. said...

It was your older Blog post about the Rocky films that got me fired up to re-watch 1-3 and finally rent 4 & 5.

I enjoyed the first three just as much as I had remembered (especially 1 & 2) and thought 4 was pretty entertaining. As for Rocky 5, like a lot of people, I could have gone without seeing. But I was gearing towards Rocky Balboa so it had to be done ;)

I saw Rocky Balboa a few weeks ago and I thought it was really good. Not award worthy in my opinion, but defintitely one of the best flicks in the series. To me, it captured the feel of the first two and the flashbacks were done really well. And any movie that makes you feel good about yourself when you leave the theater gets a thumbs up from me!

I'm glad to hear we can see Randall on Pixelstrips and for free. The extra viewers it will bring to your work is definitely a good thing!


RandyG said...


Yeah, Rocky Balboa was solid stuff... no way a Rocky fan won't like the flik, IMO.

Randall is over there now... and I'm pretty excited about more people seeing the strip.

Thanks for reading, man.