Monday, February 05, 2007

LazyComix on The Goat!

Just a quick update to plug a few places that are kind enough to promote my work…

You probably already know about Pixelstrips and you might’ve heard of the new ComicSpace site…which is like MySpace only for comic artists. Only instead of digging around that mess for comic artists now they’re all in one handy spot. They just introduced comic hosting and since then the site has really blown up. The only problem I see is that the potential for your web comic to get lost there is really high.

Anyway my West-Coast Home boy Jim Lujan co-created a great site called The Velvet Goat with Justin Stewart. I met both of these cats via Fanboy Radio and was really happy when Jim asked me to be a part of The Goat. There’s an old NYComix up there now, but I’ve got a horror/sci-fi comic that I’m going to get up there eventually. So go check out The Goat, it’s full of great comics by some kick-ass artists.

Thanks for reading!


Jared said...

Damn! I thought this was gonna be about the Thunder Goats.

RandyG said...

Now there's a guy who need a blog! Could you imagine the gems in that?