Monday, October 17, 2005

Giving Big Cons Another shot? Maybe.

I'm thinking about going to the New York City Comic Con this February. I’m a little nervous because my trip to Wizard Philly this past summer was a big bummer. Granted, I just sat there with a stack of Mini-Comics on my table, but it was discouraging nonetheless.

This New York City Con is supposed to be gigantic. Like the San Diego Con, but on the East Coast. From what I can tell, its going to be much more diverse than the Big 2 dominated Wizard conventions, so it’s giving me a little hope that NYComix will find some kind of audience. Plus, I realize that for me to really grab the attention of folks, I have to sell myself. Just sitting there and saying hi to people isn’t going to work. I didn’t tell anyone that I was a letterer in Philly, I wanted my work to stand by itself… but, I’m going to at the NYCon. I figure if I put “Marvel” on my nametag the zombies who don’t buy anything without Wolverine in it will take a look. Plus, I’m kicking around the idea of doing sketches. It makes me a bit nervous, but it’s another way to get people to come over to your table. So I figure I can do headshots and attach one of the 2 volumes of NYComix along with it.

2 volumes, you ask?

Yup. By February I’ll have more than enough newmaterial for a second NYComix Mini-Comic. So I’m pretty excited about that. It’ll be bigger too, so hopefully it’ll all work out.

So stay tuned, I’ll let you know if this is really going to happen. I’m 99% sure and I’m hoping I’ll be able to split a table with a friend…we’ll see.


Brandon B. said...

Hello Randy,

I think thats a great idea, you could do some nice sketches of some mainstream characters and prop them up at your table to draw some attention and strike up some conversation to show the masses what you got.

There is a slight chance I may be able to fly out for the con (It's a bit expensive to travel from L.A.) if so, It would be great to meet you in person, plus I want to buy a con sketch!

I say, keep on doing what you love. If you draw it they will come...

Brandon from SoCal

RandyG said...

Thanks, Brandon.

Yeah, I think I might give it a shot.

I hope you're able to make it out to the con, that would be great! Its supposed to be amazing.

Keep me posted!